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We believe in the redemptive power of Scalp Micropigmentation and in extending its reputation worldwide.

This is only achievable through co-operation, communication and setting standards for the industry to follow. Shared values and enlightened customer service practices are essential for SMP and hair follicle replication to thrive. We are advocates for the practice and keen to work with others who have similar passion and motivation to deliver great work. Our industry will only succeed if together we build a truly client focussed business approach.

If you’d like to discuss partnership options with us please fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Who are we?

Brandwood International is the partner company of Brandwood Clinic Ltd. Its sole focus is to develop commercial opportunities on an International scale whilst investing in essential research and development for the greater good of the industry. Brandwood Clinic was founded with the explicit aim of improving standards within the Scalp Micropigmentation industry and is creatively led by Paul Clark and Simon Lane, two of the world’s most experienced scalp technicians. To find out more about Paul & Simon’s exceptional work visit the link below.

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